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3 Ways to Maximize Instructional Time With Screencasts

As educators in the 21st century, one of our goals should be to design student driven experiences that offer flexible learning paths, using a variety of tools to meet the diverse needs of all students. Of course, with limited instructional time, loads of content to uncover and varying comfort levels with the technology itself, implementing these types of learning experiences can be overwhelming. It’s safe to say that If educators are going to effectively use technology as a tool for learning, then the learning focus has to be on the content, not the technology.

How do we keep the focus of technology powered learning experiences on content and avoid being consumed by teaching students how to use the technology? A tool that I’ve found to be particularly effective is the use of screencasts. A screencast is a narrated video that captures what takes place on a computer screen. Let’s explore some powerful ways to use screencasts to maximize instructional time and keep the focus on the content.

1. Provide built-in tech support with quick video tutorials

2. Create Efficient and Effective Engaging Student Presentations

3. Step into the Flipped Classroom with Google Flip Packs

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