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Are We Guilty of EdTech Hype?

I know I like shiny things. If it’s new or has neat features, I like to look at it and see what it can do. I also like testing things out and comparing them, though, which is why I enjoyed doing literary analyses. What Kim suggested, in reaction to an article on academic technology activism, is that

1. He is on to something important here, as rigorous evaluation (using experimental methods) of educational technology investments in learning outcomes remain rare. (With the work of NCAT being one big exception, can you point to others?).

via Are We Guilty of EdTech Hype? | Inside Higher Ed.

Wouldn’t that be fun? Planning out experiments to see what kind of an impact technology actually has on a classroom? Does it speed up the grading process for the instructor? Does getting feedback to the student more quickly matter, if the feedback is not immediate? Does annotating slides and then sharing them with the students really improve performance? Interesting questions…

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