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Classroom technology, innovation and the block plan

Michael Fullan, education leader, recently spoke at the University of Oklahoma.
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Classroom technology can be a powerful tool for education — but only when it’s used properly…The trouble is that technology has developed so quickly that most education systems haven’t been able to keep up, Michael Fullan told a crowd at the University of Oklahoma. reported something the ATS team has known for quite a while. In an article by Silas Allen, Fullan essentially says that it’s important to use technology in the classroom properly.

I don’t think improper use of technology in class is a problem we see too often here. One of the advantages (and disadvantages) of the block plan is that we don’t have a lot of time for experimentation, so we may be more hesitant to try some new method or technology in class. While that may lead us to rely on things that work, I think it can also help keep us from improving and trying new methods, because class time is so precious.

Is it because of the three-hour class period? Is it because of the fact that the class happens every day so there’s little time to regroup and reflect on what went wrong or what one could do to tweak a particular part of the lesson/lecture/discussion?

I wonder if the build a block program allows one to feel a bit more freedom to try new things.

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