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Displaying 3D models online

This summer, we worked on making a 3D map of the library to show patrons where various things are located. The ultimate goal has been to print it as a sort of easy reference guide which shows what is located where in relation to other floors.

It occurred to me that it would be handy to simply put the model online so that people could zoom in and see what they needed by themselves. A quick search revealed that this is possible by using a modern web browser and no plugins.

The following are some web viewers in which you can view 3D models made in various file formats. – You need an account to upload the models, but you can use a Google account or a Twitter account to sign in. – You can just upload your model and then it will create a link to it that you can share with anyone you choose. – This site doesn’t seem to like files exported by sketchup. It throws an error every time a file is uploaded.

I imagine students could create 3D models of molecules, proteins or other artifacts and then use them in an online quiz or even to simply showcase their work. I know that when I create a 3D model, I get to know the subject very well in order to make the model.

Credit to Jay Batavia for his assistance in writing this post and Luigi Mendez for his diligence in modeling Tutt.

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