When in London:

    • Always wash your feet upon returning home.
    • Look up.
    • Have class in a rose garden at Hampton Court.

Time for Class.

    • Have class beneath The Globe.
    • Eat chocolate beetroot cake and twirl.
    • Race through the glorious Regent’s Park to make it to a massively bizarre performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Open Air Theatre.

A (Weird) Midsummer Night's Dream.

    • Under the silver lime and oak trees, surrounded by green green green, picnic on cherry tomatoes, almonds, cheese and bread before aforementioned show.
    • Look out the window.

View from Pickwick Hall.

    • Get lost. You’ll see more.
    • Walk whenever possible. You’ll see more and (surprisingly) be less sweaty.
    • If you DO take the Tube at rush hour, embrace it. You’re going to feel some foreign bodies. It’s going to be hot and sticky. It will be miserable. So embrace it.
    • Eat seafood and toast and pastries and eggs.
    • Travel to Stratford-upon-Avon and drink a pint outside of Shakespeare’s supposed birthplace.
    • Also, prance around like your little girl self through Anne Hathaway’s misty gardens and forest. Don’t hit your head on the low beams of her adorable childhood house.


    • Bow down to your beloved writers.

Woolf Head.

    • In terms of the weather, think of it as Colorado, but stickier.
    • Stand on the right. Walk on the left.
    • Don’t fall in the water.


    • Think before you cross the street.
    • Sleep in the moments offered. Love that sleep, cherish that sleep. Have twisting dreams in an opium din-like purple purple B&B room.
    • Spot your professors in the crowd.

Tower of London.

  • Crack parts of your body so frequently that you’re caught on cameraduring the act.
  • Lurk the Writing Britain exhibition in the British Museum, check out J.K. Rowling’s and James Joyce’s original manuscripts. Feel better about your haphazard editing tendencies.
  • J.K. Rowling.
    James Joyce.
  • Develop an infection in a hand wound, make a visit to the Princess Grace emergency room, and swoon at the oh so oddly modern clean design of the hospital.
  • From the Tower of London.
  • Buy a book that you could easily buy at home for, something native to the area preferably. Do it because you can and because you want to add more weight to your backpack and because YOU KNOW you will CHERISH it all the more because of where it was purchased.
  • Covent Gardens.
  • Try not to be obsessive about the exchange rate. You need to eat, which means you need to buy food. Get over it. Enjoy it.
  • Strut around King’s Cross and pretend you’re Harry Potter’s BFF.
  • And, of course, read Shakespeare.
  • Westminster Abbey.

Published by Heather Ezell

I’m Heather. I claim both northern and southern California as home, though I’m happiest when surrounded by sequoias and a foggy beach. After jumping around several different community colleges in CA and CO, I transferred to CC in Winter 2012 and majoring in English on the Creative Writing Fiction Track with plans to graduate with the class of 2014. During my time at CC, I've acted as the student curator, the copy editor of The Leviathan, a peer tutor in the Writing Center, and an Admission Fellow. However, I most adore to pretend I'm a ballerina in the afternoons.