Hampton Court Palace

Being at Hampton Court was like traveling through time to an era when one-third of the population lived in poverty, the average lifespan was thirty-five years, there were no drains, sewers, and rubbish was thrown into the streets, and when beheading your wives was an acceptable practice. Walking into the same rooms the likes of King Henry VIII and his family occupied was surreal. This is where his kitchens could feed up to a thousand people in his court, his dear son Edward VI was born, and Catherine Howard, Henry’s fifth wife, was accused of adultery. Rumor has it her ghost haunts the palace where she begged for her life to be spared. Things obviously did not work out well for her.

I’m guessing things did not work out for Ms. Jane Rattsey either…











The view of interestingly shaped trees was just that, interesting. But lovely.




A beautiful statue in the Rose Garden were we had class provided a beautiful shade in which a classmate decided to nap…

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