Here Comes 3rd week!

Third week, the last full week of the block is here.  It usually goes by the slowest of all the weeks.  I have a feeling though that this block third week might not go by as slow as some others, mainly because we still have a fair amount of lab work to finish.

It snowed for the first time this year today! It makes having to study for a test tomorrow a little more tolerable compared to the unusually warm days we have had lately.

We have our second test tomorrow and the second stage of our grant proposal is also due by 10pm.  I’m sure the test won’t be too difficult because Phoebe gives us great study guides to prepare us for exactly what she might ask.  It is really nice to have a professor that does that because it makes studying for the test a little less stressful.

On another note, my lab partner and I only have 4 more labs  to finish by the end of the week and then we will be all done with the exception of our research summary.  We also still need to look as our bacteria under a microscope to see if they are shaped differently than the wild type control.  If I can take a picture of what they look like when we look at them I will post a picture in my next post!  I think it will be really cool to see what they look like because I have never had the chance to look at bacteria under a microscope.  I’m really excited for this opportunity.

Well I guess I should get back to studying for the test! Hopefully it goes well for everyone in my class! Wish us luck!

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Erin Slay '14

Hi! I'm a Junior Molecular and Cellular Biology major here at Colorado College. I am also an active member of Peace Jam here on campus. I'm Colorado born and raised and love it here at CC! In my spare time I play IM b-ball, catch up on TV shows,spend time with friends, and relax. I love being able to look at pikes peak every day! The Block Plan is great and so is the Biology Department!

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