Proper Appreciation of the Globe Theater

The Globe Theater, located right on the banks of the river Thames, has not changed overmuch from its heyday in the Elizabethan era. The modern Globe being an accurate reproduction of the original theater, the experience of attending a show remains virtually the same. Here are two Globe conventions which help an audience member appreciate a performance, and which Globe-goers have participated in since Shakespeare’s life.




The preliminary act of responsible consumption, though not entirely necessary for an understanding of the performance, works to ease the viewer into the physical experience of enjoying the Globe Theater. Bear in mind that, as a groundling, you will be standing for the entirety of the play, an activity which requires both a strong constitution as well as a certain degree of stability, so refrain from overindulgence.


Since there are no seats in the general admission section of the Globe, it is absolutely essential to maintain a comfortable posture throughout the performance, or else you’ll wind up looking like this guy:


In order to avoid becoming “slightly overweight man in pinstripe suit experiencing back pain” one must simply remember to take the time to periodically stretch the limbs. Furthermore, the risk of fainting is a very real possibility, but one which can be avoided by slightly bending the knees to allow blood flow.

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