Field Trip Spotlights

During our Baca Field Trip I interviewed different members that contributed to the awesome experience! Here I will share some spotlights.
Meet Becca Williams, one of my classmate, friends and a TREE Semester graduate! Becca loves bears and learning! She is a junior at CC who is majoring in environmental science and minoring in art. Becca loves when her classes take advantage of the block plan by exploring topics in depth through experiential learning. Attending TREE Semester was the best decision that Becca has made at CC.  Some of Becca’s hobbies include crafting and hiking AND she has also developed a new passion for climbing this year. Before coming to CC Becca had never camped before, but since college she has grown to love camping – she even leads student camping trips now! Becca’s favorite part of this course was being able to talk to different people in the field who are involved with conservation projects or affected by them. Hearing a range of perspectives around the same subject helped Becca to think critically and form her own opinions. Becca also enjoyed learning about the complex system of water rights in the San Luis Valley and learning about the science behind different forest conservation projects. Throughout my time learning beside Becca I have been inspired by her genuine curiosity and excitement towards learning and the amazing questions that she asks– both making her an extraordinary student and educator.
Meet Bob, the bus driver for the overnight Baca field trip! Bob began working at CC 33 years ago as a mechanic driver. Bob was raised in Colorado Springs. When he was 26 years old he was looking for a job and decided to work for CC, thinking he would only stay for a year. Bob enjoyed his job so much there was never a reason for him to leave. Now he is the supervisor of transportation for the college. His favorite thing about working for Colorado College is the close-knit community of coworkers that he has. When Bob drives for overnight trips he likes to bring a book so that he can read during breaks. Each trip is different. Bob recalls that one interesting thing that happened on a trip was that he traveled from 20-degree weather to 80-degree weather in eight hours. When Bob is not working, he is often remodeling his house. He recently put in new floors and is now rebuilding the garage. Bob’s favorite place in the world is Aruba, an island off the coast of Venezuela where he vacations with this wife once a year. Thank you Bob, for joining us on our trip, sharing about your life and keeping us safe!
Meet Tyler Cornelius, the wonderful professor for this course! Tyler grew up on a remote ranch in the wilderness in northern Canada. Tyler is a professional college student; he had 6 years of undergrad where he completed two majors and two minors. For Tyler, the best thing about being a professor at Colorado College is that you can follow your own interests, design your own classes and really get to form close relationships with your students. Tyler is always willing to meet with his students after class (or on the bus!) to provide feedback, advice, discussion or clarification. When Tyler is not working he is most likely spending time with his family. Tyler has a happy two-year-old son named Oscar. He enjoys wrestling, gardening and hiking with his son. A fun fact about Tyler is that he wrote a children’s book about a Bee! Tyler is excited about joining the CC community.

Published by Chelo

Hello! My name is Chelo and I am a 3rd year at Colorado College. I was born and raised in San Francisco to a spanglish speaking family of clowns and acrobats. At CC I am majoring in Education Studies and minoring in Environmental Issues. This fall I was a steward at the TREE (Teaching and Research in Environmental Education) Semester and spent four months living at the Catamount Center teaching in the outdoors and exploring the field of environmental education. I am passionate about teaching, children and the sustainability of the natural world. If you are looking for be around campus you can find me on the lacrosse field or in the dance studio.