More Pictures from the Valley!

Our class had the opportunity to talk to a few expert women who taught us about the water rights system in the San Luis Valley and the different Rio Grande restoration projects that are happening. We also visited a potato farm and potato factory to gain a better understanding of the local industries and how they are affected by the availability of water in the valley.

Potato Factory. An interesting thing that a potato farmer said was that because of the recent droughts he was forced to explore farming methods that use less water. He now uses Green Manure, a more sustainable method that helps the environment and his private farming practices when water is scarce. He said that in many ways he was thankful for the drought for motivating him to be more innovative and sustainable.


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This is the Exeter Machine. It takes pictures of each potato and places it in the correct category based on color, shape and size. The Exeter Machine can get through 100,000 pounds of potatoes in just one hour!


I found a heart-shaped potato and farmer Doug let me take it home! Doug and I brainstormed about the idea of selling sacks of exclusively heart-shaped potatoes around valentines day. Could be the next big hit in the potato sales!


Embodying the flow of water right next to the Rio Grande. We (Becca, Christian and I) are standing at the site of a future project. The project aims to make recreation on the river more accessible for the local community so that member can come together through the river and can feel a deeper connection to their water source. Through this project the organization will also receive more local support and involvement! Becca, Christian and I all have experience learning and expressing ourselves via dance and body movement. We performed a dance interpretation of environmental education theory for the student dance show called dance workshop. Check out the video of our dance on youtube if your are interested


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