CC City Champions constitute a network of talented and energetic representatives reaching well beyond campus boundaries who play an integral role in helping the college strengthen and sustain its Achieving Our Vision campaign goals. In addition to hosting social gatherings for alumni, parents, and students, CC City Champions help increase the visibility of the college in their area and serve as connectors to their communities by assisting the college with student recruitment, identifying internship and career opportunities, annual giving and funding the Vision. Learn more at: CC City Champions.

City Champions Coordinators

Evan Enarson-Herring ’04, Boston City Champions coordinator

Sally Gasper ’04, Chicago City Champions coordinator

Jeff Haney ’76, Colorado Springs City Champions coordinator

Laurie Marvin ’80, Denver City Champions cocoordinator

Brad Friedman ’82, Denver City Champions cocoordinator

Lauri Ringer ’85, Los Angeles City Champions coordinator

Molly Magdalain ’01, New York City Champions coordinator

Seth Byrnes ’06, Portland City Champions cocoordinator

Lee Sessions ’86, Portland City Champions cocoordinator

Alison Henry ’99, San Francisco City Champions coordinator

Treena Colby ’93, Seattle City Champions coordinator

Ed Goldstein ’79, Washington, D.C. City Champions coordinator