Photo by Will Powers

Dear Alumni and Parents,

Each year when I greet the new class of Colorado College students, I urge them to orient themselves around the mountain. Pikes Peak was here long before CC and will be here long after, and in the meantime we get to claim it as our own — the touchstone against which we are “nestled” (to use the language of CC publications of yore).

Our mountain is a representation of endurance, of continuity, of sustainability. I tell the students that they need to hone in themselves what they want to be long lasting. Who do they want to be? What do they want to stand for?

The students in the Class of 2013 are probably still too young to be thinking about what their legacies will be, however. I imagine most of the alumni featured in this magazine did not have a notion of leaving a legacy either, at that age — but many of them have done so. Most notably, the story of the Bemis family is one of an extraordinary legacy to Colorado College.

You will find this theme of continuity elsewhere in this issue. Read the moving story of Lily and her CC journey, made possible by the generosity of the Winkler family. Read about aCClimate 14, a campus effort to advance environmental sustainability and make it visible. Read about Opening Convocation and Fall Conference, Colorado College traditions that mark the inauguration of every new academic year.

The cycle continues. The mountain endures.


Richard F. Celeste

Board of Trustees David Lampton P ’00
– Washington, D.C.
Raymond Petros Jr. ’72
– Golden, Colo.
David van Diest Skilling ’55
– Palm Desert, Calif.
Margaret Allon ’81
– Denver, Colo.
Elizabeth Larned ’83
– San Francisco, Calif.
(Secretary of the Board)
Jack Pottle ’77
– Denver, Colo.
Michael Slade ’79
– Seattle, Wash.
Neal Baer ’78
– Los Angeles, Calif.
Amy Shackelford Louis ’84
– Hinsdale, Ill.
Adam Press ’84
– Los Angeles, Calif.
Brian Thomson ’85
– Denver, Colo.
Susan Burghart ’77
– Colorado Springs, Colo.
Robert Manning ’69
– Denver, Colo.
(Co-Vice-Chair of the Board)
Harold Price P ’75 ’76
– Laguna Beach, Calif.
Hans Utsch P ’92 ’95
– New York, N.Y.
William Campbell ’67
– Englewood, Colo.
Manuel Martinez ’74
– Denver, Colo.
Jane Rawlings ’70
– Pueblo, Colo.
Colburn Wilbur
– Los Altos, Calif.
Richard Celeste
– President of Colorado College
Margaret Mathies ’57
– Claremont, Calif.
Edward Robson ’54 P ’79
– Phoenix, Ariz.
Brian Williamson ’96
– Wilmington, Del.
John Chalik ’67
– Piedmont, Calif.
Chad Milton ’69
– Prairie Village, Kan.
Robert Ross
– Oklahoma City, Okla.
John Wold ’75
– Denver, Colo.
Daniel Cooper ’66
– Buena Vista, Colo.
Eben Moulton ’68
– Cambridge, Mass.
Ken Salazar ’77
– Washington, D.C.
(Honorary Trustee)
Nancy Woodrow ’68
– Wayzata, Minn.
(Co-Vice-Chair of the Board)
William Hybl ’64
– Colorado Springs, Colo.
Douglas Norberg ’62
– Seattle, Wash.
Robert Selig ’61
– Woodside, Calif.
Suzanne Woolsey P ’97 ’98 ’00
– Harwood, Md.
(Chair of the Board)