Lyn Konugres Coupounas wrote to update us on her life: “After 48 years, I left my beautiful home in Chestnut Hill, Mass., and teaching and practicing at Harvard Medical Schools and various hospitals. I have moved to Boulder, Colo., to be near my son, Demetri, and his family. My husband George died in 2007. I live in a very special retirement community, The Academy. I am taking 19th­century Russian literature at the University of Colorado. My sister Helyn Konugres Bebermeyer ’42 passed away in 2004 and my sister Beverly Konugres Bain ’52 passed away in 2009. I spent last winter in Southern California and had a wonderful visit with Frannie Shiler Krum ’46 and her nice husband, Phil.”


The New York Times ran a story in its college football section about John Gagliardi in September 2009: “No Whistles, No Tackling, and No End in Sight for St. John’s Coach.” The Times said, “This is his 57th season at St. John’s, a picturesque Benedictine Catholic men’s university with 1,877 students and a monastery 70 miles northwest of Minneapolis, where Gagliardi is revered as something akin to a modern­day saint. Using unconventional coaching methods and without the aid of scholarships, he has led the Johnnies to four national championships.” Gagliardi was inducted into the CC Athletic Hall of Fame in 2004.

Dean Brown Kinkel is serving the college as secretary of the Fifty Year Club for the term 2008–2010.


Dwight Brothers and Don Bates (second vice president of the Fifty Year Club) hosted an event of the FYC at the El Paso Club in Colorado Springs. Don and Dwight acted as tour guides to show the wonderfully restored historic meeting place and hear some of the history it shares with Colorado College. There were 57 attendees at the sold­-out event, with alumni from all along the Front Range.


Artie Toll Kensinger is serving the college as first vice president of the Fifty Year Club for the term 2008–2010.


Rocky Mountain Parents as Teachers honored Tom Fitzgerald P’85, ’88 for his “lifetime of service to children and families” in June 2009. Tom brought the PAT program to Colorado in 1989. Its goals are to increase school readiness and success among children, prevent child abuse and neglect, and to support families as their children grow from birth through kindergarten.


Janet Johnson Buck reports that she and her husband John retired in 2009 and now reside in Denver. Janet and John met at a national Convention of the American Guild of Organists and were married in 1962. They both served churches in Colorado and New Mexico as organists and choir directors. Janet also taught vocal music in the Colorado Springs public schools for several years.