• Of the 2,400 surveys mailed, almost 500 were returned. An alumnus from the Class of 1934 returned our survey, as did alumni from every class up to 1959.
  • Almost 300 of those who took the survey belonged to a fraternity or sorority while at CC. Honor societies and athletics followed.
  • 74 children and grandchildren of our survey respondents earned a degree at CC
  • By far, “classmates” topped the list of what matters most to our survey respondents.
  • 432 FYC members have visited the CC Web site.
  • 316 prefer mail to electronic communication.
  • The most-read sections of the Bulletin are class notes and campus news.
  • Respondents contribute to CC’s annual fund and special funds; they also support, on average, five other organizations and/or causes.
  • Strongly Positive About CC in General topped the list when respondents were asked about their feelings about CC. “CC’s Academic Quality” was a close second.

Results tabulated in January 2010 by the office of institutional research and the office of alumni and parent relations.