Fulbright Visiting Specialist Nigar Nazar, the first woman cartoonist of Pakistan, and very likely the entire Muslim world, spent Blocks 1 and 2 at CC, where she team-taught “Freedom and Authority in Everyday Life: Women, Men, and Children in the Middle East” with Assistant History Professor Jane Murphy.

Nazar arrived in Colorado Springs in September at the end of Ramadan, and, as is her custom, looked for a charitable project. Nazar spoke to a variety of local organizations, and eventually settled on donating her time and talent to the pediatric ward at Memorial Hospital. Nazar, now back in Islamabad, Pakistan, is working on mural-size cartoons, featuring her signature character, Gogi, a long-lashed Muslim girl, to install on the hospital walls. She plans to send them to the hospital when complete.

The role of the Fulbright Visiting Specialist Program: Direct Access to the Muslim World is to help American colleges and universities and their surrounding communities enrich their understanding of Islam, its societies, and cultures.