by Max Morath ’48
“I Love You Truly” is the fictionalized autobiographical story of composer Carrie Jacobs-Bond (1862–1946), whose spell Morath says he has been under ever since he sang “I Love You Truly” in 7th grade glee club. A divorcee, then a widow, Jacobs-Bond was nearly 40 before her music lifted her out of poverty. She went on to make a fortune as a composer and her own publisher, becoming an international celebrity.

“Max Morath: Original Rags for Piano” is a collection of ragtime tunes written by Morath, who worked his way through CC as a radio announcer and jazz sideman. His one-man shows on ragtime and musical theater have tallied over 5,000 performances in 60-odd years of touring. Morath received CC’s Louis T. Benezet Award last fall.

I Love You Truly ISBN: 978-0-595-53017-5. Published by iUniverse; 2008.
Max Morath: Original Rags for Piano ISBN 978-1-4234-5816-6. Distributed by Hal Leonard Corp.