Celestial Trilogy: Full Moon Maxi, Lucy’s Shooting Star, and Clayton and the Planets

by Carrie Wismer Yakola ’93

Yakola’s celestial trilogy for children age 3 through 7 celebrates the joy and innocence of childhood, filling three children’s books with the love, energy, and charisma that come with learning new things as a child. Yakola, who has lived and worked in South Korea, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and all over the United States, has learned that certain things transcend culture, with children and nature being two examples.

Full Moon Maxi: ISBN-13: 978-1434339669.
Published by AuthorHouse; 2008.

Lucy’s Shooting Star: ISBN-13: 978-1434352767.
Published by AuthorHouse; 2009.

Clayton and the Planets: ISBN-13: 978-1434352750.
Published by AuthorHouse; 2009.