John Cashman ’61 and Joanne Wiegel Meier ’61

John Cashman ’61 visited Joanne Wiegel Meier ’61 in Nyon, Switzerland, in October 2010. Joanne and her husband live in a small town near Nyon, which is near the shore of Lake Geneva.


Janice Jilka McElroy has retired from her position as grants manager at Colby-Sawyer College. She went to Ghana in January as a consultant for WomenTrust, an NGO with a mission of empowering women and girls through microfinance, education, and healthy living skills. Following a visit with the chair of one of the leading political parties, she was invited to present a workshop for 60 women organizers in the capital Accra on “How to Run a Successful Political Campaign.” Currently she is serving as the governor-elect for Rotary District 7870 in southern New Hampshire and Vermont.


50th Reunion: October 14–16, 2011!

Doug Norberg ’62 and George Klein ’64

Doug Norberg ’62 and George Klein ’64 pursue their passion, international fly-fishing, at Jurassic Lake in Argentina, home to some of the largest and most numerous rainbow trout in the world. Doug and his fellow anglers fish with barbless hooks and always release the fish. He says fly-fishing is “good for the soul, not to mention the livelihood of hundreds of people and local economies around the world. Someday, they, too, will know the value of fish in the river is far greater for all the wild fish on the table or spoiling in the cooler.”


A photo of John A. Haney and Frederick McKay was featured in a Jan. 8 article in The Wall Street Journal. Frederick became famous for discovering that fluoride protected against tooth decay. John’s family lived next door to the McKays in the old North End in Colorado Springs.


Cornelius G. Strakosh was named an executive of the year by Stanford Who’s Who in 2010. Cornelius is a financial consultant for Merrill Lynch, where he handles accounts from $250,000 to more than $10 million, assisting his clients with investment banking, hedge funds, stocks, annuities, private equities, and specialty investments.

Class of 1964

Members of the Class of ’64, Wendy Miller Lambeth, Laura Dearborn, and Carol McAleer Munson, from left, met at the South Vermont Arts Center in Manchester Center, Vt.


45th Cluster Reunion: October 14–16, 2011!


45th Cluster Reunion: October 14–16, 2011!


Nature magazine selected Jane Lubchenco as its 2010 Newsmaker of the Year. As head of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Jane played a central role in determining how the nation responded after the Deepwater Horizon rig started gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico. At the same time, she has been revamping the way the U.S. uses the tools of science to safeguard the environment, particularly its marine resources.

Class of 1967

Nine Class of ’67 members celebrated a “significant birthday” on Labor Day weekend last year at the home of Susan Allison Milstein in Seabeck, Wash. From left: Linda Marshall Breytspraak, Shirley Kling Woolley, Sharon Smith, Judy Sundquist Hautala, Linda Garrelts Bredeson, Susan Hills Thomas, and Susan. Barbara Keener and Dee Petty Williams joined via conference phone call as the group toasted their friendship and “many more” birthdays.

Nicki Steel was visited by Ann Brooks, former wife of Professor Glenn Brooks, while Ann was on a fall trip through New England. While she was at CC, Nicki babysat for the Brooks’s daughters, Amy ’82 and Beth ’80. It has been about 30 years since Nicki and Ann have gotten together.