Jennie Singleton Jones wrote to let us know that, even though she transferred to Northwestern University for her junior/senior years and graduated from that school, her art training at CC has remained with her all these years. She particularly remembers Samuel Sabean, who taught the basic art program for freshmen. “He was an incredible teacher and became a close friend. Of course, none of us will ever forget the speaking skills we learned from Chief Tyree!” Jennie also shared some exciting news about her photography. “On Oct. 14, 2011, “Cleveland Inside Outside” was released with an exhibition and book signing at the Bonfoey Gallery. The response has been overwhelming. This work is the culmination of 30 years of commercial architectural and fine art photography in Cleveland. Our children were well on their way and I was looking for some way to use my art training and skills. The city’s vibrant urban landscape and active construction sites offered immense opportunities.” Her website is www.clevelandinsideoutside.com


[singlepic id=174 w=320 h=240 float=none]Margaret Vincent Gravette gave us this photo of friends from the class of 1956 who have kept in touch over the years. “The photo is of the three of us with our husbands visiting in Kennett Square, Pa., last winter. The six of us had many wonderful get-togethers since our college years and our husbands became very good friends. Unfortunately, Vince Cancilla passed away suddenly shortly after this photo was taken.” L to R: Lowel Sharpe McMullin standing behind her husband, Robert; Margaret Vincent Gravette standing behind her husband, Jim; and Earlene Sebaugh Cancilla standing behind her husband, Vince.

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50th Reunion: October 11-14, 2012!


Ben Eastman sent us this picture of “three friends on the threshold of age:” L to R, Erv Hinds, Joe Moore, and Ben Eastman on the occasion of Erv’s 70th birthday in Albuquerque.[singlepic id=177 w=320 h=240 float=none]


Rory Donaldson is the owner and chief brain at Brainsarefun.com, a site dedicated to teaching children to read, write, listen, speak, organize information, and succeed with math. “It’s really not very hard, and I’m amazed that, as a nation, we’ve chosen not to do it,” he says. “I think there’s a lot more money in poverty than there will ever be in teaching kids to read, continue their education, and hold jobs with a future.” He lives in Denver with his wife, Louisa. They have two sons and two granddaughters.


Charles Clark is serving as dean of the Katherine Reese Pamplin College of Arts and Sciences at Augusta State University in Augusta, Ga. He has been serving as interim dean and dean of The Graduate School of the University of West Georgia since 2006. Before that, he was chair of the department of history. He began his teaching career in history at St. Andrews Presbyterian College. His research and teaching interests are the fields of the history of science and medicine and other areas of history.