What does every CC student have in common? Every student receives a “silent scholarship” each year.

During the first week in Block 7, on March 28, CC students celebrated the generous support of alumni, parents, and friends with “Tuition Ends, Generosity Begins Day.” Although tuition dollars cover 70 percent of the full cost of a CC education, 30 percent is made up by other funding sources, including these gifts.

“Tuition Ends, Generosity Begins Day” was observed with a celebration in Worner Center where the Student Alumni Association and DIALogue student callers educated their peers about the importance of donor support by handing out cookies shaped with 30 percent missing. Students also had the opportunity to thank donors by sending a quick postcard.

Thank you to all donors for your support of Colorado College. Donations ranging from $10 to $10 million help make up the critical difference in the quality of each student’s education.