CC has been instrumental in the launching of the new Gap Year Research Consortium, a first-of-its-kind consortium bringing together admissions deans and researchers from top colleges and universities to study the outcomes of taking an intentional gap year before college.

“As long-time supporters of the gap year movement, we believe that creating a clearinghouse for the research that is going on at colleges and universities around the country is the logical next step in better understanding the positive outcomes that can come from taking a gap year,” says Vice President for Enrollment Mark Hatch. “CC is proud that nearly 10 percent of each incoming class opts to pursue a meaningful gap year before arriving on campus.” Hatch notes that the percentage is well above the national average, which is no accident, as CC’s Office of Admission has taken steps to encourage prospective students to consider whether they might benefit from a gap year that takes them out of their comfort zone and gives them real-world experience before starting college.

Research Professor and Professor of Economics Kevin Rask serves as the principal investigator for the consortium, and Bob Clagett, former dean of admissions at Middlebury College and currently at Colorado Academy, is the coordinator.