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Posts from the April 2010 issue

Peak Profile: John Chalik ’67, Monica Linzner ’07, and Katherine Bell ’08

Thanksgiving of her junior year, Katherine Bell ’08 returned from CC to a flock of chickens in her family’s front yard, a rented chicken scalder, and a mother who needed a hand. “It was the first time I’d ever killed something,” she said. The experience was a turning point for Bell, who had been a…

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Peak Profile: Doug Pray '83

Doug Pray ’83 has spent most of his professional life exploring worlds unknown to him. A documentary filmmaker, Doug looks through the camera’s eye to delve into American subcultures — long­-haul truck drivers, graffiti artists, hip­hop DJs, and musicians. In his most recent film, “Art & Copy,” which opened last summer, he examines the culture…

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