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Posts from the April 2011 issue

Peak Profile: Darren Schwartz ’89

Darren Schwartz ’89 always believed he would end up in a ministry role. He majored in religion at Colorado College, and worked for his church before becoming a counselor. But his most recent career move surprised him. “I signed up for the Army almost three years ago, at the age of 41. I just felt a calling from…

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Peak Profile: My “Block” Learning Spanish

After many years, I decided it was “la hora a aprender Español!” I took a one-month leave from my job with the State of Oregon in July 2010, to study Spanish with Jessica Dover of the Castaliga Language Center in downtown Portland. I graduated in 1985 from CC with a degree in religion. I enjoyed…

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Peak Profile: Annie Petsonk ’79

A “refugee from the semester system,” Annie Petsonk ’79 transferred from Harvard to Colorado College seeking the ideal liberal arts education. Today, she credits the “ideal liberal arts education” she says she received at CC with giving her the confidence to embark on a career in environmental law — a field in which she has excelled…

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