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Posts from the April 2012 issue

Peak Profile: David Amster-Olszewski ’09

David Amster-Olszewski ’09 didn’t grow up thinking about solar energy, but during his four years at Colorado College, it became the thing that excited him the most. Amster-Olszewski grew up in Florida, and when it was time to choose a college he decided on CC, even though he had been accepted by several in the…

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Peak Profile: Dorothy Budd ’80

The start of a life focused on social justice for Colorado College graduate Dorothy Budd ’80 began with lessons learned in philosophy professor John Riker’s ethics courses. “I’d always had an interest,” Budd said from her home in Dallas. “It really was sparked by Dr. Riker’s classes.” That desire manifested itself while studying law at…

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Peak Profile: Charles Richardson ‘68

A fascination with music began at an early age for Charles Richardson ’68, a lifelong recording engineer. The seven-year-old liked to play on the parade grounds behind his home at the U.S. Naval Academy where his father, who eventually became an admiral, was stationed. Richardson would haul out his record player and play “The Star…

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