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Posts from the August 2010 issue

Peak Profile: Mark Fiore '91

Mark Fiore is living his dream. But even in his wildest dreams, he didn’t expect to win a Pulitzer Prize. The 1991 CC graduate made history when, in April 2010, he became the first online-only editorial cartoonist to win journalism’s greatest accolade. His animated cartoons boosted him to a pantheon including Berke Breathed, Jeff MacNelly,…

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Peak Profile: Betty Sowers Alt ’60

Betty Sowers Alt is not your typical 70-something grandmother. This one’s got murder on her mind. The 1960 CC graduate, who lives near Pueblo, Colo., with her husband, Bill ’63, is working on her seventh book with Sandra Wells, a former chief investigator with the district attorney’s office in Pueblo. “I’ll write on anything they’ll…

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Peak Profile: Makendra Silverman ’07

Horses have been a constant in Makendra Silverman’s life. Now, protecting wild horses is her life’s work. Silverman started riding horses when she was six years old and rode throughout her childhood and young adulthood in Ashland, Ore. When she was a first-year student at Colorado College, a friend put her in touch with Ginger…

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