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Posts from the August 2010 issue

Jane Cauvel: CC's New Ombudsperson

The ombudsman office provides an informal, confidential, independent, neutral, off-the-record, alternate channel of communication for faculty and staff to resolve workplace and learning environment issues.  It works to ensure that all members of the community are treated equitably and fairly.  The ombudsperson is neutral and does not advocate for a visitor or the institution, but…

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Colorado College also says farewell to six retiring faculty members

Marie Daniels, Professor, Romance Languages: “I’ll be tending my garden, reading detective novels, and getting ready to greet and help mentor the new colleagues in Spanish. I’ll have an office in the emeriti house and hope to keep up my Italian and audit some art history classes. As far as CC goes, I am grateful…

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Safe Classrooms: More Student Interviews

Senani Mamba ’12 Major: Biology Swaziland Q: Do you feel that CC allows students to speak freely during classes and to voice their opinions? A: I think it depends on the professor, because I have had classes where I couldn’t question the professor’s point of view. The professors point of view just had to be…

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