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Posts from the December 2011 issue

Peak Profile: Kaui Hart Hemmings ’98

Kaui Hart Hemmings ’98 has been called “Hawaii’s Cinderella.” Who is her Prince Charming? George Clooney, of course. Their relationship isn’t the stuff of fairy tales. Instead, it’s an artistic collaboration that has resulted in a movie version of Kaui’s first novel, “The Descendants.” Kaui’s novel has been adapted for the big screen, and that…

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Peak Profile: Jake Norton ’96

Jake Norton loves a challenge. So it’s not surprising to see his name attached to a project appropriately titled Challenge21. Jake, 37, is a motivational speaker, photographer, and professional climber in Golden, Colo. He grew up in Massachusetts, and climbed his first big mountain — Washington’s Mount Rainer — in 1986 at the age of…

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Peak Profile: Ken Sims ’86

He’s been called the man who collects molten lava, was recently featured in National Geographic magazine, and is widely respected as one of the world’s top isotope geochemists. Ken Sims ’86 is associate professor of geology and geophysics at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, recruited back to the West from a tenured position as…

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