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Posts from the December 2011 issue

Who Gets Represented?

by Peter Enns ’98 As the title implies, the book investigates whether policy makers privilege some constituents’ preferences more than others. One person, one vote is a bedrock principle of a democratic society, but it does not require the government to represent the interests of all citizens equally. Taking unequal representation as a given, the…

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Births and Adoptions


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American History Goes to the Movies: Hollywood and the American Experience

by Bryan Rommel-Ruiz, associate professor of history Using films from many different genres, the book draws together movies that depict the Civil War, the Wild West, the assassination of JFK, and the events of 9/11 to show how viewers use movies to make sense of the past. Rommel-Ruiz addresses how we render history for popular…

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A Most Magnificent Machine

by Craig Miner ’66 The railroad not only transformed America’s economic landscape, but it also profoundly changed its citizens. But while there have been many histories of railroads, few have examined the subject as a social and cultural phenomenon. Miner, who was a professor at Wichita State University, traces the growth of railroads from their…

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Rockies Project Field Researchers Travel Down Colorado River

Two Colorado College State of the Rockies Project field researchers have begun a four-month “Source to Sea” journey down the length of the Colorado River. Will Stauffer-Norris ’11, of Dayville, Ore., and  Zak Podmore ’11, of Glenwood Springs, Colo., are paddling the entire length of the Colorado River Basin, from the headwaters of the Green…

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Nobel Prize Supernovae Glow Shines on CC Professor, Alumna

It’s been a busy fall for CC Physics Professor Shane Burns. In early October when the Nobel Prize in physics was announced, Burns and Katy-Robin Garton ’01 knew more than the average person about the background of the project. Burns and Nobel winner Saul Perlmutter searched for supernovae, which are massive exploding stars, when they…

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Peak Profile: Kaui Hart Hemmings ’98

Kaui Hart Hemmings ’98 has been called “Hawaii’s Cinderella.” Who is her Prince Charming? George Clooney, of course. Their relationship isn’t the stuff of fairy tales. Instead, it’s an artistic collaboration that has resulted in a movie version of Kaui’s first novel, “The Descendants.” Kaui’s novel has been adapted for the big screen, and that…

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Garrison Keillor Waxes Poetic About CC, the Block Plan, and the Tigers

The nationally syndicated radio show “A Prairie Home Companion” was broadcast live on Oct. 29 from the World Arena in Colorado Springs, where host Garrison Keillor sang the praises of Colorado College to a worldwide audience of nearly four million listeners on public radio, as well as America One and Armed Forces Networks abroad. The…

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Peak Profile: Ken Sims ’86

He’s been called the man who collects molten lava, was recently featured in National Geographic magazine, and is widely respected as one of the world’s top isotope geochemists. Ken Sims ’86 is associate professor of geology and geophysics at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, recruited back to the West from a tenured position as…

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From the President

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Colorado College, As the crisp air settles on Colorado Springs, I am drawing great energy from the “Year of Listening” events that are taking place on campus and in cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, and Boston. These highly interactive sessions are enriching our vision to make Colorado…

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