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Posts from the July 2009 issue

Building Bridges and Scholarships

You never know where a game of bridge, or the “bridge” of friendships and alumni help, will take you. When Carol James and Jody Smith were at Colorado College, they spent a lot of time playing bridge. “Maybe more than we should have,” they both admit somewhat sheepishly today. When truly desperate for someone to…

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Back to the Future: Returning to CC to Teach a Block Course

Each year, we have a number of executives who teach or co-teach an entire block for us in the economics and business department. The year 2008 was no exception, and included Van Skilling ’55, Phil Condit P’91, Carlos Frum ’72, and David Helms ’65, who was here to teach a course — The Economics of…

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What We Are Committed to Sustaining

Statements from Board of Trustees Plenary Session, Feb. 21, 2009 Lots of people are working very hard to figure out ways to get the college solvent and to keep it that way. It helps me to reflect on what exactly it is that we’re committed to sustaining. It is the season of personnel reviews. On…

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