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Posts from the November 2009 issue

Inside the Minds: Responding to Health Care Fraud and Abuse Investigations

by Matt Weber ’85 and Aspatore Books Staff The book is an authoritative insider’s perspective on representing and advising health care organizations facing criminal and/or civil fraud and abuse investigations. Featuring partners from some of the nation’s leading law firms, these experts discuss key considerations of an investigation. Weber, a partner in the white collar…

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Applied Project Management for Space Systems (Space Technology Series)

by Julie Chesley, CC assistant economics and business professor, Wiley Larson, Marilyn McQuade, and Robert Menrad “Applied Project Management for Space Systems” is the 16th book produced by the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Space Technology Series. The book presents approaches for practicing managers leading complex space projects, but also may serve as a primary text…

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Anticipation: Poems of the River

by Diane Brown Benninghoff ’68 Benninghoff has made nearly a dozen trips, including several organized for Colorado College alumni, down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Most of the 30 poems in this chapbook are the result of the 2008 CC Grand Canyon trip, with CC English Professor and poet Jane Hilberry. Says Hilberry,…

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Blood, Sweat & Fury: An American Expeditionary Manifesto of Poetry

by Andrew Borene ’98 Attorney, Iraq war veteran, and former Minnesota state senate candidate, Borene’s debut collection of poems is derived from his experiences in business, politics, and government. The collection is an edgy and at times haunting look into the mind of a man struggling with addiction and trauma. A portion of the book’s…

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Tobacco Sheds of the Connecticut River Valley

by Darcy Purinton ’86 and Dale Cahill With more than 200 photographs, the book provides a visual tour of the wide variety of tobacco sheds in the Connecticut River Valley. The photos are accompanied by text that provides a unique look at tobacco sheds from a historical, personal, and agricultural perspective, highlighting how Yankee ingenuity…

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Ish, Ish, Almost Made a Fish!

by Paul Weathington, illustrated by Steve Shaw ’87 This children’s book explores the use of the “ish” phrase (“Ish helps us guess one’s age … fifty­ish like Dad, Ish helps us get it close so no one is too mad!”). Shaw, an Atlanta freelance artist who teaches art at Atlanta’s Schenk School, portrays Ish as…

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Born Expatriated

by Sara S. Villarreal Bishop ’00 The book serves as an American expatriate’s primer for being pregnant overseas in an embassy environment and returning to the U.S. for the birth. The author also includes suggestions for raising an American child in a foreign environment. Although written specifically for young families who do a significant amount…

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The Anatomy of Grace

by Peter W. Marty ’80 Marty, senior pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Davenport, Iowa, and host of “Grace Matters,” the radio ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, takes well­worn religious language from another era and refashions it into food for thought for the 21st­century Christian. The work is a treatise on…

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