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Posts from the November 2010 issue

Peak Profile: Matt Claman ’81

Matt Claman ’81 has boated most of the road-accessible rivers in Alaska, completed ski marathons, and competed in bike and cross-country ski wilderness races. He was a rafting guide in the Grand Canyon. He worked in a gold mine in Alaska. But ask this adventurer, attorney, and long-time resident of Alaska to name the most…

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Peak Profile: Jo Garner Boatright ’57

Jo Garner Boatright ’57 is a petite woman who has been called a “lioness of the keyboard.” When she sits down at one of the three grand pianos in her Buena Vista, Colo., home, it’s easy to see why. Her hands are blurs as she unleashes her power and sends sound soaring. It all started…

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Meet Isabel Werner ’08, Young Alumni Trustee

What was it about the young alumni trustee position that interested you? I realized that the impact my time at CC had was immeasurable. It is thanks to CC, the high expectations from professors, the challenging classes, the dynamic dialogue, the strenuous schedule, and the intellectual people that I was able to move into a…

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Peak Profile: Kari Thompson ’99

Kari Thompson ’99 knew her chosen career of medicine would serve her well no matter where she went, but it took a trip to Cameroon, Africa, for her to realize just how universal her general surgery skills were. “Becoming a general surgeon is the most translational specialty,” she says. “Appendicitis in Africa is the same…

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