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Peak Profile: Iain Hyde ’06

Colorado Community Recovery Symposium.

On June 22, 2012, Iain Hyde ’06 was offered a new job. A mitigation specialist with Colorado’s Office of Emergency Management for almost three years, he was promoted to the state’s interim recovery manager position. On June 23, the Waldo Canyon Fire hit just a few miles from Colorado College — evacuating more than 30,000…

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Peak Profile: Marty Kemmer-Contreras ’85

Marty Kemmer-Contreras ’85 believes education is a social justice issue. So much so, this combined political science and history major has spent the last decade trying to level the playing field in early childhood education. As director of community relations for Colorado Springs’ Community Partnership for Child Development (CPCD), the local grantee for Head Start,…

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Peak Profile: Joseph E. Mattys ’67

Mattys on Christmas Carol set

Joe E. Mattys ’67 has seen Colorado College from both sides: as a student hungry for the Next Big Question and a teacher eager to pose it. “My first teaching job after my M.A. and a stint in the Army was back at CC,” says Joe, who taught theater from 1972 to 1977. “It was…

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Peak Profile: Lance Cheslock ’82

Lance Cheslock obviously has the right chemistry for problem-solving — even if it doesn’t involve his chemistry degree. After graduation, he taught chemistry, physics, and art history at an East Coast prep school and tested the waters of biochemical research, before spending three years in Haiti with one of Habitat for Humanity’s first international projects,…

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Peak Profile: Michael Hannigan ’75

Michael Hannigan is one of very few individuals to claim status as a former Colorado College student, faculty member, and administrator. (For the record, he’s also married to a CC alumna, Debra Armstrong ’79 and his brother Barry is an alumnus — Class of 1973.) “I was attracted to the fact that I would be…

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College Press Club

College Press Club doesn’t look like other startup companies. An established market and way of doing business already existed when, shortly after graduation, Alex Kronman ’12 and Ben Quam ’12 founded an online platform to connect advertisers with college newspapers. But the potential for improving how business is done in the $300 million industry is…

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Peak Profile: Toni Pizza ’12

Toni Pizza ’12 has been playing games constantly through her two years of grad school at New York University. She plans to continue that habit as an adjunct instructor at NYU this fall. But it’s not just about laughs for this accomplished woman, 25 in early August. “Games are a good place to do a…

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Peak Profile: Nancy Stern Bain ’73

Nancy Stern Bain ’73 is the living, dancing embodiment of the enriched life of service that beckons many CC students. A glimpse of her future may have appeared to Dance Instructor Hanya Holm, in whose legendary summer institutes Nancy danced, and to her inspirational professors — Glenn Gray, Jane Cauvel, Harvey Rabbin, Doug Freed, Marianne…

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Peak Profile: Jeff Sauer ’65

Jeff Sauer has spent his life around a hockey rink. His father was a hockey coach, and Jeff stepped onto the ice for the first time when he was 4 years old. He played high school hockey, and was given a scholarship to play hockey at Colorado College in 1962. He went on to coach…

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Peak Profile: Millie Olson ’68

Millie Olson ’68 graduated from Colorado College with a bachelor’s degree in English and this thought: “I don’t have any marketable skills.” It was one of the few times she’d be wrong in what would become a stellar, high-profile career. Writing samples and tenacity helped her land a job at Seventeen magazine in New York…

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