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A Message From Your Alumni Board

By Eric Mellum ’90, Alumni Association Board President Ah, Homecoming. How wonderful it was to reunite with classmates and other fellow alumni, and to walk across our beautiful campus nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak. I always leave campus inspired, impressed, and re-energized after connecting and engaging in stimulating conversation. CC grads really distinguish…

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A Message from Your Alumni Board

Front row, from left: Alumni Association Board members Susan Burgamy ’66 (President’s Circle) and Chris Moon Schluter ’65, Jacob Kirksey ’15, and board member Jeff Haney ’76. Back row, from left: Emma Whitehead ’16, and board members Les Goss ’72 and Tony Rosendo ’02.

Question: What do these CC students have in common? A vice president of the CC Republicans who won a national documentary film award and co-chairs the Native American Students Union (Elizabeth Montano ’15) A fraternity president who is a drama and education entrepreneur and won the Van Skilling Award for great potential for thesis research…

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A Message from Your Alumni Board

  Dear Fellow Alumni, The Colorado College Alumni Association Board (AAB) asks your help in identifying outstanding prospective AAB members. AAB membership is a wonderful opportunity to become more engaged with and to give back to the college. It offers opportunities to help support and nurture CC’s outstanding students. We are seeking candidates who are committed to…

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Homecoming Convocation Awards

The following will be honored Oct. 11, during the Homecoming Honors Convocation. The Louis T. Benezet Award recognizes outstanding achievement in one’s chosen field, excellence through unusual success or contribution, innovation or research that has advanced a profession or a cause, and/or extraordinary contributions and achievements that exemplify the values of a liberal arts education.…

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A Message from Your Alumni Board

Dear Fellow Alumni, Building college graduation rates among talented first-generation, low-income, and ethnic minority students is a national challenge. We, as CC alumni, can have a meaningful impact through active involvement with the CC Alumni Association, groups such as CC Alumni and Students of Color Association (CCASCA), and our regional chapters and activities. As our…

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A Message from Your Alumni Board

The Alumni Association Board (AAB) received 71 nominations for elected alumni trustee and 28 for young alumni trustee — an unprecedented number. As in the past, AAB solicited nominations from alumni at large and all segments of the college community. These responses set in motion an opportunity for all alumni to vote later this spring…

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Alumni Association Update

This is the last time I will write in the Bulletin as president of the Alumni Association Board. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve. Chris Schluter ’65 will take over on July 1, 2013, and lead AAB in exciting times as CC establishes itself as the premier liberal arts institution for engaged…

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Alumni Association News

By Alan Harris ’77, President, Colorado College Alumni Association Board The Alumni Leadership Forum held on the Colorado College campus in April was by all accounts a tremendous success. Current AAB members, CC event ambassadors, and City Champions attended the three-day workshop, which included a Career Services focus group led by Dean Mike Edmonds and…

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Alumni Association News

This year is an election year for one of the three elected alumni trustee positions on the Colorado College Board of Trustees. The Alumni Association Board (AAB) has identified nominees to stand for election this spring to fill the position held by Jack Pottle ’77, who completes his six-year term in June. Jack has done…

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Desolation Canyon Adventure

May 29 – June 2, 2012 $1,100 ($500 non-refundable deposit) Sign up today! Call 719-389-6058 Questions? Email Diane Benninghoff

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