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Tigers Crossing Paths

Denver, Colorado Thanks to her eavesdropping skills, Kirsten Akens ’96 randomly met three other CC alumnae while shopping at the Sweet William Market in Denver where Shana Colbin Dunn ’92 was manning a booth for her newest venture, True, a holistic boutique. Akens, left, encountered Katie Schreck Green ’90, Dunn, and Karma Stryker Ansbacher ’92…

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Connections Matter: Opportunities Abound for Career Advice, Mentoring, and Jobs

Public Interest Fellowship Program (PIFP) students gather for a dinner and presentation in Bemis Hall in May 2016.

The Block Plan provides flexibility and opportunities for teaching, learning, and growth.

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Opportunity Through Internships

Staff members at the Career Center help students with employment searches and information gathering in March 2015.

It pays to do an internship. (Even an unpaid internship.) In a recent survey, CC students with job offers prior to graduation were 18 percent more likely to have participated in an internship. And, according to a 2016 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 73 percent of employers want colleges and universities…

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Funding Opportunities for Students

Cora Lubchenco ’17 and William Cohn ’16 snap a selfie in Reykjavik, Iceland, for their Keller Venture Grant project “The Land of Ice and Fire: Discovering Iceland Through a Glass Lens.”

A good idea paired with a little bit of money can create amazing results. Colorado College has a multitude of funds from which students can draw to pursue research, art installations, study abroad, and outdoor adventures, to name just a few opportunities. Now, the college is ensuring that all students know about and have equal…

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Quad Innovation Partnership Hopes to Launch Local Successes


Jacob Eichengreen, the executive director of the Quad Innovation Partnership (QIP), is a busy man. A former Fulbright Research and Venture for America Fellow, Eichengreen has always been driven toward sustainable community change. Over the past year, he has been working to get the QIP off the ground here in Colorado Springs, in collaboration with…

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Beyond the Block

Photo by Bryan Oller

At the Catamount Center outside Woodland Park, Colorado, Nicolai Calabria ’18 leads students from Columbine Elementary School in an experiment to sample lake water, looking at macroinvertebrate life as one indicator of the lake’s health. Calabria is participating in the TREE Semester at CC. TREE stands for Teaching and Research in Environmental Education and is…

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Student Perspective


Colorado College’s Balinese Gamelan ensemble made its debut more than 20 years ago, in the spring of 1993, after Professor of Ethnomusicology Victoria Levine imported instruments from Bali and recruited Balinese master drummer I Made Lasmawan to direct the group. Today Gamelan performs twice a year on campus, alongside the CC Balinese dancers (and sometimes…

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A Very Public Intellectual: Can Bro Adams persuade the public that the humanities matter?


William “Bro” Adams ’72, chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, took the leadership position there two years ago, on the eve of the NEH’s 50th anniversary. One of his goals is to promote the humanities as resources for daily life, and he has taken a two-pronged approach to the task. First, he has…

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Larger Than Life


At 100 years young, Eric Bransby ’47, MA ’49 attracts awe as a muralist and a man.

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Alumni Cheer CC FAC Alliance


There aren’t many alumni who, like Eric Bransby ’47, M.A. ’49 (see Larger than Life), can remember the first era of great collaboration between CC and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. But plenty have connections to both institutions, and at least three of them see great possibility in the recent alliance. Sascha Scott ’97…

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