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On the Frontline

Beth Gaddis Muddy Road

Graduate Fights Ebola from Key Spot in Liberia

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Antarctic Adventure

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Recent Alumni and Their CC Opportunities

Public Interest Fellowship Program fellows are honored at a PIFP dinner bringing together the fellows, faculty, and nonprofit organization partners in Bemis Great Hall in 2014. Photo by Bryan Oller

“If I hadn’t taken the opportunity to research with Dan Johnson [associate professor of economics] and Kevin Rask [college research professor in the Economics and Business Department] I would not be where I am today,” said Cassandra Benson ’12, who is in her second year of a Ph.D. program in economics at Cornell University. Benson…

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By The Numbers: Digging Deeper

Antelope Canyon, Page

The Geology Department recently looked at what its majors have gone on to do since graduation, specifically examining reports provided by the HEDS (Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium). They focused on reports documenting the U.S. undergraduate institution from which Ph.D. recipients in Earth Sciences earned their bachelor’s degrees. The results: During the 1970s (1971-1980), eight…

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‘Daddy, are you going to admit that student?’

Mark and Anne Hatch chose to live close to campus so they could invite CC students to spend time with their family, which includes Katherine, left, Heather, and their dog, Tica. Photo by Brad Armstrong

Hatch Family Scholarship Increases Access Without a scholarship, Mark Hatch, CC’s vice president for enrollment, never would have attended Bates College, where he majored in psychology and held a work-study position in the Admission Office. If it wasn’t for that scholarship, Hatch may have never found his calling — a career in admission and financial…

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Admission Makes History

Photo by Bryan Oller

Does the number 8,054 mean anything to you? If not, then it soon will. With all it has to offer, Colorado College has always been a desirable destination for students, faculty, and staff. That desirability has never been more obvious than in the 2014-15 application cycle. This year, at the time of writing, CC has…

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The Life of Loevy

Robert Loevy

Retired Professor Still Making a Difference in the World

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Eavesdropping on Elephants

Photos courtesy of Elephant Listening Project

Working to Save Jungle Giants

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Expanding Horizons with Block Breaks Away for Alumni, Parents, and Friends

Ghost Ranch, Aug. 2-7 Photo by Anita Pariseau

No doubt Colorado College alumni are inquisitive and adventurous, having partaken in long-running programs such as the Grand Canyon river-rafting adventure led by Diane Brown Benninghoff ’68, excursions to India with former President Dick Celeste, and other occasional jaunts with CC geology faculty. In 2014, a new effort was launched to broaden travel horizons and…

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Faces of Innovation

Meet the new Colorado College Faces of Innovation: alumni, students, and faculty who embody the innovative and adventurous CC spirit with creativity and collaborative ideas. They are people who say “Why not?” and “What if …?” True liberal arts thinkers, they make connections across the arts, humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences. They are addressing…

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