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Commencement 2015


We asked members of the graduating class what their “most CC memory” was. Their responses were as varied as the class itself.

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Creating a Sense of Place: The Gardens of Colorado College

You might not know it, but Colorado College is home to many hidden and open gardens featuring native plant species and others more adaptable to the region.  The gardens are located throughout the campus and produce colorful flowers and blooms from spring until autumn.

The 20-some gardens on campus contribute to our special sense of place and our unique brand of education.

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WES: The Organization That Keeps Giving

During April’s luncheon, Mackenzie Mulligan-Buckmiller ’15, second from right, joins her mother, Molly Mulligan, a WES member; grandmother Joan Mulligan; twin sister, Maria Mulligan-Buckmiller ’15; father, Keith Buckmiller; and WES mentor Caroline Vulgamore. WES financial aid paid for Mackenzie’s wilderness first responder certification. Photo by Emily Dean

The Woman’s Educational Society has a long and storied history at CC, stretching all the way back to 1889.

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Students Prep for CC in Bridge Scholars Program

Students participating in CC’s Bridge Program get to know faculty and each other during an ice cream social.

Scholarships established through the challenge have helped diversify Colorado College’s student body by attracting high-need, first-generation students, broadening the college’s base from which it can draw talent and diversifying the student body. Once these students have decided to enroll, the college aims to prepare them for academic success and personal fulfillment. That’s where the Bridge…

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Answering the Call: Colorado College Raises $21.6 Million, Endowing 56 Scholarships

From left: Lydia Garthwait ’18, recipient of the Abel J. and Lucy Phinney Gregg Endowed Scholarship; Ally Fripp ’18, recipient of the Amos and Vesta Showalter Endowed Scholarship; Maria Torres ’15, a Walton Family Foundation Scholar; Connie Zheng ’16, a recipient of the Jay D. Cayton ’52 and Betty G. Saunders Cayton Endowed Scholarship; and Acelynn Perkins ’18, a recipient of the William R. Kenan, Jr. Scholarship Endowment meet at CC’s Earle Flagpole.

In 2010, Colorado College was challenged to establish scholarships for high-need or first-generation, four-year college students to make CC more financially accessible. The Walton Family Foundation pledged to match contributions up to $10 million. Alumni, parents, and friends of the college answered the call, not only exceeding the challenge’s goal by $800,000 in commitments, which…

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The Road Rises to Meet Them: Rockies Project Refocuses on Water Across The West


Over the last 12 years, the Colorado College State of the Rockies Project has engaged the campus, local, and regional communities in meaningful dialogue on issues that affect us all. From wolf conservation to melting alpine glaciers, the Rockies Project provides an objective voice on regional issues. Facilitating collaborative student- faculty research partnerships, as well…

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It’s All About the (Alumni) Base

With my sophomore year behind me, that is, my second year as director of alumni relations here at CC, it’s constructive to take stock of our program in order to move forward, and I am excited about what lies ahead. A long overdue redesign to the alumni website is in progress. With the aid of…

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A Special Ops Force

While there’s one Facilities project at the top of Campus Operations and Plant Manager Mark Ferguson’s mind right now, the list of sustainability-related changes happening on the operations side is lengthy. “I got here at the end of ’12, and so really in ’13 we started organizing and analyzing” benchmark data, Ferguson said. “Since then…

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Taking Care with Carbon

When it comes to hitting carbon neutrality on campus, Sustainability Director Ian Johnson says electrical, power, and natural gas emissions are of concern, but are not the biggest challenge. The biggest challenge relates to emissions due to waste, emissions due to business travel (by air), and faculty, staff, and student commuting. All of these pieces…

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Shift Happens

The week after the Class of 2015 graduated, eight faculty members gathered for a two-day workshop in Cossitt Hall. The list of departments represented by this group of professors was eclectic: kinesiology, education, history, environmental studies, religion, math and computer science, business and economics, and German. But they all came to learn about one thing:…

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