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Pressing Forward

After Election Day 2016, The Press at CC became a place where students, faculty, and staff could come together in community and create posters that expressed their emotions.

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A Committed Life

Theatre Professor Idris Goodwin says he’s searching for a holistic existence. His world at the moment involves juggling teaching, writing and directing plays, publishing a book of poetry, and recording a spoken-word album.

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Opening More Doors to a CC Education

Socioeconomic Diversity, Scholarships, and Financial Aid On Jan. 28, The New York Times published a story positing that a higher percentage of students at elite colleges are from the top one percent of the income scale than experts realized. The story was based on a study that used anonymous tax filings and tuition records from…

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Visiting Scholars Bring Depth & Dialogue to Campus

Every year, dozens of distinguished scholars and experts visit campus to lecture, give performances, and engage with students.

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Lens Craft: Adriane Ohanesian ’08 Captures Conflict Around the World

Award-winning documentary photographer Adriane Ohanesian ’08 has captured conflict with her camera in places like South Sudan and Myanmar.

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The Fine Art of Internships

The relationship between Colorado College and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center has been in the news as CC takes on operations of the 98-year-old institution. The relationship is nothing new: In the past 10 years, an increasing number of CC students have completed internships at the FAC that have afforded them the opportunity to…

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A Novel Adventure

“Writing novels,” Percival Everett says, “is really an excuse to study something. I’m not so much interested in selling books as I am in the opportunity to study something. This is what I do; it allows me to discover and create a whole new world and a whole new voice.” As the author of 20…

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Tigers Crossing Paths

Denver, Colorado Thanks to her eavesdropping skills, Kirsten Akens ’96 randomly met three other CC alumnae while shopping at the Sweet William Market in Denver where Shana Colbin Dunn ’92 was manning a booth for her newest venture, True, a holistic boutique. Akens, left, encountered Katie Schreck Green ’90, Dunn, and Karma Stryker Ansbacher ’92…

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Connections Matter: Opportunities Abound for Career Advice, Mentoring, and Jobs

The Block Plan provides flexibility and opportunities for teaching, learning, and growth.

Issue: Winter 2016 • Tags:

Opportunity Through Internships

It pays to do an internship. (Even an unpaid internship.) In a recent survey, CC students with job offers prior to graduation were 18 percent more likely to have participated in an internship. And, according to a 2016 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 73 percent of employers want colleges and universities…

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