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Building on the Block with Technology

A major focal point of the “Colorado College Plan: Building on the Block” is building off of the great student-centered liberal arts tradition, and one way we can bring energy and innovation into the plan is through the creative development, integration, and thoughtful use of technology. Our students are indeed “digital natives” and we will…

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Focusing on Workplace Excellence

Barbara Wilson

It is an exciting time to be at Colorado College and particularly for the Human Resources Office. What better way to contribute to Colorado College providing the finest liberal arts education for our students than to focus on workplace excellence? I often meet with applicant finalists for staff positions and consistently, they say they want to…

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A Distinctive Place of Learning

How will we enhance our distinctive place of learning? To this question, the Strategic Planning subcommittee received hundreds of ideas from campus meetings and online communication. The suggestions were diverse and reached all aspects of CC life, from “a community garden for students, staff, and faculty,” to “high performance levels for college buildings over the…

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Innovation Institute

Jane Hilberry, left; Re Evitt, right

“The Colorado College Plan: Building on the Block” describes the Innovation institute as a place where students and faculty will engage in “big picture thinking” and collaborate “to produce real-world answers to complex questions.” The Institute has a proven foundation. The four elements that will form its core — the State of the Rockies Project,…

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Reimagining Half Block

Greg Putnam '05

I had a significant advantage coming to CC. I could code. I started writing computer code in elementary school. In high school, I took four years of C++, a powerful programming language. Since graduating from CC in 2005, I’ve started two successful technology companies and currently I’m on my third one. When I’m at cocktail parties…

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Summer Programs: Enhancing the Educational Experience

Clay Haskell

Summer programs offer an amazing opportunity to enhance the educational experience at Colorado College. For students, the summertime is no lazy escape. They pursue jobs and internships, and they catch up on the classes they couldn’t squeeze in during the regular year. Traditionally, much of this has been left to the individual student. Colorado College can help provide a…

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Scholarship and Vulnerability: Why We Need Expert Scholars at CC

Anne Hyde

This summer I watched some miracles unfold. They happened around 3 p.m. at a big table in Tutt Library. Usually these kinds of miracles involve students and a later hour, but this time it was CC faculty. Both Sarah Hautzinger in Anthropology and Ryan Bañagale in Music did something risky. As part of a program…

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The Value of Access to Blocks Abroad

I’m really excited by the “Building on the Block” plan’s commitment to eliminating program fees for blocks abroad. I’ve had the opportunity to teach several blocks abroad, and I have seen firsthand the impact of the experience on students, especially those who come from families with limited resources and who have rarely had opportunities to…

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Tutt Library in the 21st Century

Tim Fuller

The electronic age is upon us, but rumors of the death of print are greatly exaggerated. It is true that more of our resources and our conversations are online. But the continuing production of printed materials is enormous. It is better to say that we are in a period of long transition and the nature…

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The Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching

The center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching, to be housed in a 21st century library, is designed to help all of us achieve the collective need to “build on the block,” to push our imaginations, our intellects, and our spirits in new directions. As a faculty member, I am particularly excited by the following…

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