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Letters To The Editor

Congratulations on a most interesting and well-presented Colorado College Bulletin. From the picture of Eric Bransby ’47 on the cover through the excellent note from President Jill and the outstanding pictures and articles of the alumni and students. I’d especially like to congratulate and thank Ed Robson ’54, a good friend of us Canadians, for…

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Letters to the Editor

I shed tears reading Bill Hochman’s tribute to his books. How much we revere our books, and how incessant is the little knocking that tells us we must empty the shelves before someone does it for us. And no matter how close a friend or relative, they will not know the symbiotic connections represented by…

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Letters to the Editor

We Think This Says it All Many thanks to Jen Haefeli ’92 for sharing her 7-year-old daughter’s artwork with us. The sticker featuring CC’s new logo was included in the April issue of the Bulletin.

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Letters to the Editor

Thank you for writing such a thoughtful tribute to Bob Steck, true to his activism and political engagement. I will always be grateful for our time spent with him in the classroom – what a wonderful professor and friend. A true champion of philosophy and liberal arts education, he also made the best fettuccine 

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Letters to the Editor

Life of Loevy Dr. Loevy arrived at CC at the beginning of my senior year. Being a poli sci major, I signed up for his course teaching us how to program computers using BASIC. It was rare that computers were used by the social sciences, but I loved the course. During my second semester I…

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Letters to the Editor

Bulletin Editor: That the college administration, faculty and Bulletin editors approved publication of an article written by a dance instructor commenting on the Ferguson issue is appalling. Without any evidence, unaware of the law, and exhibiting a protest viewpoint, the author spun a web of misinformation, mistakes, and ignorance of the case. What happened to…

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Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the Memories I so enjoyed a resurgence of pleasant CC memories as I noted your remembrance of Dr. Glenn Gray and the mention of Dr. Penland’s participation in the herbarium. I spent many pleasant hours sorting and collating Dr. Penland’s plant collection, particularly his Penstemon penlandii. I had come to CC interested in…

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Letters to the Editor

Kudos for Heckman Thanks for reprinting the N.Y. Times article by CC’s Nobel winner, Jim Heckman ’65. As usual, he is original and eminently practical, and he pinpoints a set of policy options with massive benefits across the board, as an approach to narrowing the income gap in the U.S. Other major changes under discussion…

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Letters to the Editor

The 22nd Amendment To Tom Cronin: Your article on the 22nd Amendment in the Colorado College Bulletin for November 2013 was excellent. This amendment changed — for the better — how we do our political business. Let me propose for your consideration a pair of other changes designed to eliminate two problems with our present…

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Letters to the Editor

In Memoriam on Neale Reinitz Dear Editors and the Colorado College Community, I was saddened to hear of the death of Professor Neale Reinitz in the most recent Bulletin. When the Class of ’63 … joined the college, Neale was not that much older than we. Neale attempted to attract us freshmen to Spenser’s Faerie Queene (accompanied by…

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