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Community Kitchen Undergoes Changes

Safety concerns and reduced, inconsistent student involvement prompted Colorado College President Jill Tiefenthaler to ask Associate Dean Mike Siddoway, who oversees the college’s Collaborative for Community Engagement, to study the CC Community Kitchen and assess its operations. Siddoway, who has volunteered in soup kitchens in Colorado Springs and other cities for more than 40 years,…

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Bower Receives Prestigious Award

Colorado College Chemistry Professor Nate Bower received the 2014 Colorado American Chemical Society Section Award for his outstanding contributions to chemistry. The award honors Bower’s lifetime achievements and acknowledges his research in numerous areas, including the development of analytical methods for fields such as archaeology, art conservation, environmental chemistry, forensic science, and numismatics. Most recently,…

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Barnes Part of $1.7 Million STEM-related Grant

Assistant Professor Rebecca Barnes, who began teaching at Colorado College this fall in the Environmental Program, is one of six principal investigators on a $1.7 million grant titled “Collaborative Research: Improving the Recruitment and Persistence of Women in the Geosciences: Exploring Deliberate Mentoring Approaches Aimed at Undergraduate Students.” The initiative is a collaborative, multi-school project…

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Telluride Premiere Features CC Collaboration

A documentary co-produced by Assistant Professor of Film and New Media Studies Dylan Nelson, which also includes the work of numerous CC film students, premiered this summer at the prestigious Telluride (Colo.) Film Festival. The film, “Merchants of Doubt,” directed by Robert Kenner (“Food, Inc.”) and inspired by the book by Naomi Oreskes and Erik…

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CC Geologist Makes Startling Discovery

Geology Professor Christine Smith Siddoway and CC geology students have made an astounding discovery in the rocks of Colorado, near Colorado Springs. Their findings, published by the Geological Society of America and published widely in the geology world, detail a sandstone formation amid surrounding granite. Siddoway notes that the sandstone is of major significance for…

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Putting Pen to Paper: Alumni, Friends Fund Journalist-in-Residence Program

Celebrating the funding of the new Journalist-in-Residence Program are, from left, Ian Griffis ’85, Susan Deeds Griffis ’88, David Birnbaum ’83, Kathryn Kantes Birnbaum, Anne Sides, Hampton Sides, Mary Jo Sokolowski, Mike Millisor ’83, Mark Polite ’83, Dorian Griffis Polite, Phil Swan ’84, and Anne Bush Hanson ’85.

Hampton Sides, author of the best-selling “In the Kingdom of Ice,” is taking the helm at CC’s new Journalist-in-Residence Program. The program aims to raise the profile of non-fiction writing on campus while also bringing some of the nation’s top non-fiction writers, which include historians, journalists, and commentators, to campus to teach and participate in…

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Family Weekend 2014

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Homecoming Weekend 2014

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Student Perspective

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Capstone Event Highlights Senior Projects

Five seniors from the Community Engaged Leadership (CEL) Program presented their projects at the CEL capstone event in May. The CEL Program combines academic and community experiences to equip students with critical thinking skills to address important social and political concerns. Students participate in meetings, workshops, retreats, and projects over the course of three years,…

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