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Herving Madruga Remembered

It is always difficult to reminisce about a dear colleague who has left us. On February 11, Herving Madruga would have been 87 years old.  He passed away on January 15, 2017. He had a rich life and was one of the pillars of the Romance Languages Department, teaching French and offering many innovative courses…

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Q&A with Abby Stein ’15, Former Intern at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

What was your major at CC? Studio art with a concentration in photography and printmaking. Why did you undertake this internship at the FAC? I was in a Southwest archaeology class Block 8 of my freshman year, and our professor Esteban took us to the Fine Arts Center to look at their Native American collection.…

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Professors Gould and Johnson Participate in Fulbright Scholar Program

Two Colorado College professors, John Gould and Dan Johnson, were recent participants in the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Program. The Fulbright Scholar Program awards teaching and/or research opportunities to college and university faculty and administrators, as well as to other professions, in more than 125 countries. John Gould, professor of political science, did a research project…

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CC Welcomes 11 New Faculty Members

Colorado College welcomes 11 new tenure-track faculty members and four Riley Scholars to the CC community. The new faculty members embody a wide range of fields and disciplines, and many of them will be in the classroom on the first day of Block 1, which begins Monday, Aug. 29. “CC is fortunate to have a…

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10 Things to Do Before Graduating from Colorado College

Sometimes, graduating from college provides 20/20 vision. Lila Rosenman ’16 looks back on her four years at CC and shares advice with the incoming Class
 of 2020. 1. Befriend a staff member. Our dedicated college staff is the heartbeat of our campus. They’ll certainly support you professionally, but take the time to build a friendship.  2. Spend a…

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Giving Up on Politics is Not an Option

Politician bashing is a favorite American pastime: “Don’t vote—it only encourages them!”  “If God wanted us to vote, He would have given us candidates!”  “A politician is someone who answers every question with an open mouth!” But thank goodness Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Lincoln, the Roosevelts, Kennedy, Reagan and Obama were all masterful and professional politicians. …

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Letters to the Editor

Bulletin Editor: That the college administration, faculty and Bulletin editors approved publication of an article written by a dance instructor commenting on the Ferguson issue is appalling. Without any evidence, unaware of the law, and exhibiting a protest viewpoint, the author spun a web of misinformation, mistakes, and ignorance of the case. What happened to…

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Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!: Gesture, Choreography, and Protest in Ferguson, a point of view piece by Anusha Kedhar

By now, you know this phrase well. It has become the rallying cry of those protesting the killing of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Mo., earlier this year. Like other memorable activist slogans — “Hell no! We won’t go!” and “No justice? No peace!”— it captures the essence of collective anger in response to…

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“We Will Remember Them” Colorado College’s Wartime History

WWI bayonet drill 1919

Studying war has been a personal and professional passion of mine for many years. As a CC student, my independent minor focused on the war poetry emerging from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. At Dartmouth College for my Master’s, I published a paper on my grandfather’s experiences in World War II, and my thesis…

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Resolved, the Twenty-second Amendment Should be Repealed

White House

Is the presidency a temporary honor, best exercised with “Lincoln-like humility?” Cronin explains why it is.

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