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Kyle Cunningham Named 91.5 KRCC General Manager

Kyle Cunningham has been named general manager of 91.5 KRCC, Colorado College’s NPR-member station. He joined the station as membership manager in 2016 and served as interim general manager for seven months before assuming the position in September. Since arriving at 91.5 KRCC, Cunningham has built a strong membership program that has continuously broken records, cultivated a…

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CC Welcomes 14 New Faculty Members, 4 Riley Scholars

During the 2018-19 academic year, Colorado College hired 14 new faculty members. CC looks forward to welcoming each faculty member as they begin their tenure-track appointments. Colorado College also has hired four new Riley Scholars-in-Residence. The new tenure-track faculty are: Ikemefuna (Ike) Agbanusi, Mathematics and Computer Science Agbanusi received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Boston…

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Canadian Drugs Aren’t the Solution to High U.S. Prescription Prices

Drug importation schemes are again being offered up as a remedy to high U.S. drug prices.  Recently proposed legislation in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and West Virginia aims to reduce spending on pharmaceuticals by importing them from Canada. Advocates reason that American patients can lower their drug costs by importing…

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From ‘College Boys’ to Perennial Powerhouse: A History of CC Athletics

Note: This article is the full version of Krueger’s capstone project for his journalism minor, in which Alan Prendergast ’78 served as his advisor. An excerpted version ran in the Spring 2019 issue of the Bulletin. In 1874, the “College Boys” represented Colorado College as they competed against the Active Club of Colorado Springs in…

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Christine Siddoway Aims to Shed New Light on Antarctic Ice Sheet

Professor of Geology Christine Siddoway set sail from Punta Arenas, Chile, on Jan. 24, heading for Antarctica as part of the International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 379. The expedition is dedicated to obtaining records and data from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Amundsen Sea. The expedition will provide important clues into the future…

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Five Faculty Members Awarded Tenure; Seven to Retire

Five Faculty Members Awarded Tenure; Seven to Retire Five Colorado College faculty members, including an alumna, were approved by the Board of Trustees for tenure and promotion to associate professor following the board’s annual February meeting. CC President Jill Tiefenthaler, Provost Alan Townsend, and Dean of the Faculty Sandra Wong visited each promoted faculty member,…

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What’s on Your Reading List, Ofer Ben-Amots?

“I hardly ever read one book at a time. I usually have a stack of books on my nightstand, some in preparation for a course and others for fun. Currently I am reading two books: ‘Aboriginal Music: Cross-Cultural Experiences from South Australia’ by Catherine J. Ellis, and, because linguistics and etymology are a serious hobby…

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A Train of Thought Across America

Three CC alumnae embarked on what they called the “Rail Tale Train Tour,” riding the rails from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, and stopping in 10 American cities. In lieu of searching for the answers, they focused on finding the questions and creating interdisciplinary work to be shared along the way.

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Lincoln, Nebraska

It was a hard break, A blood soak, And when the river ran red I knew we could not float I walk with you Through the great divide Still I’m yours From the other side Oh, how the tall grass reaches wide Ghost of the buffalo passing by Lincoln, how will your country die? Rain…

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Provost Townsend Featured at Tribeca Festival in ‘Let Science Speak’

“Let Science Speak,” a six-part short documentary series about the importance of science in the ever-evolving world, premiered in September at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and featured a segment with Provost Alan Townsend. The documentary, shown on the festival’s opening night, tells the personal stories of six environmental scientists who not only…

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