14 Great Jobs for College Students That Give You “Real World” Skills

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by Lily Zhang
Reposted form The Muse

There’s a lot going on during your undergraduate years—and not all of it is directly tied to your future career. But at least part of going to college is about getting the skills you need to land your first job out of school. Relevant courses and internships are obviously great for this, but as a college career counselor I’ve also seen that there are a huge number of part-time jobs you can get as a student that will help you land your first full-time, post-grad job.

It all comes down to transferable skills—the abilities you develop in one role, industry, or situation that you can take with you to another. Think public speaking, prioritizing tasks, and other skills that are useful in many different contexts. So even if a job you have during school doesn’t feel relevant to your career path, it can absolutely still help you build strong transferable skills for entry-level work. In fact, almost any part-time job during college will help you hone your time management and organizational skills, which are useful in all post-grad jobs. Continue reading

READ MORE for examples of part-time jobs college students can hold that will help you build valuable skills and experiences.

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