4 Helpful Tips: Balancing the Rollercoaster Emotions of a Job Hunt

Some graduates accurately describe job hunting or recruiting as going through purgatory, given how particularly challenging the experience can be. As candidates, they face multiple challenges, including the need to learn the skills and capabilities needed to be effective throughout the recruiting process, such as networking, writing cover letters, developing elevator pitches, and tailoring resumes to each job description. While those challenges have been vastly explored, very little is covered on the emotional challenges one experiences during the job search process and, based on experience, how those emotions are almost always determined/controlled by external stimuli that can make your emotions swing between extreme joy and complete discouragement. Learning how to manage your emotions and the stimuli that impact’s it’s stability is the cornerstone of successful recruiting as, without it, it’s difficult to find the motivation and energy needed to continue completing job applications. Below are 4 helpful tips that can help you during the job hunt:

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