4/6: Starting A Nonprofit Overseas – How?

Interested in starting a nonprofit? What about doing that overseas? Questions on how to do that? Curious about what the first step is? 

Join us as the Career Center partners with The Chinese Student Association for a dinner discussion on what it takes to be successful! Thursday, April 6 at 6pm in the Career Center. Please RSVP for dinner.

Mr. Tao LIU is the funder and CEO of New Austral Institute of Social Development (NAISD). The NAISD is one of the leading NGOs working to progress the knowledge and action in civil society in southern China. Especially, NAISD is focused on linking NGO practices with anthropological research. Every year, NAISD provides more than 10 courses (e.g. anthropology of development, sex, gender and work, social movement under anthropological prospect etc.) for over 150 members from local NGOs in Guangzhou. NAISD is also running a well recommending summer school that provides training on the ethnographical research methods for junior NGO workers.

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