8/12: AmeriCorps College Access Program Assistant

Colorado College is hiring a position to support enrollment access to all!

Summary Description: To support the design, development, and launch of a College Access summer program at Colorado College.

Duties will include planning and design, program design, program, marketing and communications, community partnerships and so much more! Find out more here!

AmeriCorps Member Benefits:

  • Living stipend of $13,750 over the course of one year of service
  • $12,000 housing stipend offered by CC
  • Education award commensurate with the Pell Grant (~$6,000) to be used for current educational expenses, to repay qualified student loans, or to be used within 7 years for educational expenses
  • Child care credit
  • Deferment of existing student loans during the AmeriCorps term of service
  • Repayment of interest accrued on qualified student loans during the AmeriCorps term of service

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