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In true “almost adult” fashion, I spent much of my summer commute listening to a podcast recommended to me by a good friend. It is called Awards Chatter and it boasts a 4.8 star rating on Apple. It is a series of informational interviews conducted by Scott Feinberg at The Hollywood Reporter with household names in show business, from Tom Hanks to Ken Jeong to Marie Kondo. Each interview is about an hour long.

One of my favorites was with beloved The Office star John Krasinski. He went to Brown University where he studied English and only got into comedy, theater, and acting after a brief interaction with the school’s varsity basketball team. After graduation, he embarked on a three-year journey to pursue acting. He could barely pay rent and was ready to come home when his mother urged him to finish out the year; he landed his role on The Office three weeks later.

From there he went on to be the Hollywood star we know today, starring in movies opposite Robin Williams, George Clooney, and Maya Rudolph. He auditioned for Captain America, rewrote and directed A Quiet Place, and was chosen as one of Time’s 100 most influential people for 2018.

I had spent much of my internship asking people to coffee to pick brains around the office, and this was essentially the same thing but with famous people. I was most impressed that he sounded like a real person. It’s one thing to see memes of people like him about how he’s so cool and watch his performances on The Office but it’s another to listen to him talk through his entire life journey for an hour. I learned the famous tape footage intro for The Office was something that John excitedly shot himself when he went up to Scranton for the first time after he got the part. He openly discussed his journey to theater, how he thought he would end up somewhere else, how he wanted to be an English teacher. I think that’s where I was able to relate to him the most: the lack of clarity, the not-quite-knowing, the many, many possibilities for my senior year (and beyond!).

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Jio Chang ’20, Career Center Peer Intern

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