5/15: Colorado Federal Executive Board Internship

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This opportunity is for an executive internship at the Colorado Federal Executive Board CFEB). The position will be (mostly) virtual, with the selected individual working remotely with staff members of the CFEB to complete urgently needed programs to benefit the entire Colorado federal community. At the completion of the internship, the candidate will have completed projects, from inception to implementation, to add to their portfolio, as well as valuable experience working in the federal sector.

  • Assist with development of education outreach program addressing wildfire prevention in Colorado for new residents and visitors, to include:
    • build a coalition consisting of local community, City of Denver, state and federal agency representatives
    • develop educational materials
    • design an outside-the-box communications plan
  • Assist with design of a leadership development program for entry level employees
  • Coordinate/set-up classroom for training courses
  • Identify potential analytics for future need identification and Return on Investment

This position will also provide an intern the opportunity to interact with and learn about various government agencies located in Colorado:

  • understand the roles and interrelationships of the branches of government;
  • learn about mission, roles and responsibilities of various agencies and components of the government;
  • and understand avenues for job opportunities, how to navigate the job search process, and how to develop a resume for government jobs.

Unbelievable opportunity with a fantastic crew! This position has the option of being remote. Hours are flexible- the CFEB is more concerned with project completion and doing it well rather than hours logged.

Please send your resume and cover letter to Gretchen in the Career Center by Wednesday, May 15th.

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