Are you looking for an exciting internship to get your feet wet in the field of journalism right here in Colorado Springs? Check out the…

Internships are approximately 10 hr/wk — Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm (with flexibility) — and you are expected to commit to a minimum of one semester.

Project objectives:

  • Experience inside a working newsroom.
  • A solid understanding of print and digital publishing practices, including but not limited to paper production, social media and web content.
  • Experience working under rolling weekly, sometimes daily, deadlines.
  • Expanded writing, reporting and self-editing skills.
  • Identified beats he or she is most interested in for future career focus.
  • A collection of published bylines in both print and digital mediums, including event listings, blogs, news and culture stories and Special Issues coverage for his or her resumé/portfolio.
  • A solid starting network of industry professionals and local contacts.

Resources provided by the IndyOversight and general instruction from Indy editors and reporting staff, access to related Indy contacts — local government, businesses, etc. — and Indy events, monthly progress reports and project updates.

More details in HANDSHAKE or you can discuss with Steven Hayward, CC Journalism Institute, and prepare your application with Andrea Culp, CC Career Center.


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