Due 9/3, EPA post for Full Time Life Scientist/Physical Scientist (Environmental)

Life Scientist/Physical

Scientist (Environmental)

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This position is located in Region 8, Water Division, Clean Water Branch, Watershed Section, Denver, CO.  For more information on this office, visit their website:  Region 8


At the entry level of this position, you will:

  • Provide technical and program assistance for the Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 404 regulatory program.
  • Provide technical assistance on routine projects and review for the 404, NEPA and water quality programs based on priorities determined by the management team.
  • Serve as a point of contact for states, tribes and other federal agencies as they develop aquatic resources protection and restoration policies and technical approaches to ensure that activities affecting waters of the US comply with the requirements of the CWA.
  • Assist in building Region 8’s Enhanced State and Tribe Program (ESTP) consistent with HQs’ guidance.
  • Provide technical assistance to other regional water programs as well as outside agencies and the public.




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