Want to help protect your environment?
Improve the health of all Americans?

From geology and environmental engineering, to public administration and sustainability, EPA is looking for enthusiastic professionals to perform cutting-edge work in a dynamic learning environment to make Earth a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

The EPA Green Interns Program is an entry-level program for individuals interested in
opportunities at EPA Headquarters Offices in Washington, D.C., as well as with our Regional
offices in major cities throughout the U.S. EPA Green Interns will be part of a one-year
program and will join the agency at the GS-7 level. After the one-year program ends, the
Green Interns are eligible for a seamless conversion into a career-conditional appointment
with EPA.

EPA is seeking candidates with degrees in Engineering, Sciences, Public Administration,
Public Policy, and Sustainability. Job titles will include: Environmental Engineer, Physical
Scientist, Life Scientist (Interdisciplinary), Program Analyst, or Environmental Protection
Specialist depending on your preferred location. Internships are posted online through


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