Hiring: Scientist-in-Residence @ School in NY

A Scientist-in-Residence position is available at Hayground School
( www.hayground.org), a private, non-traditional elementary and middle school in
Bridgehampton, NY (eastern Long Island). The position is available for the 2019 -2020
school year.

The primary job of a Scientist-in-Residence at Hayground school is to conduct
independent research projects and involve students throughout the processes of
developing research ideas, designing experiments, collecting results, analyzing data,
and informal presentation of results. These research projects should be in the field
or interest of the visiting scientist. The position provides a fantastic opportunity for
anyone interested in hands-on science education and fulfills the broader impacts
requirements for NSF proposals. For more information or to apply, please contact
Marcelle Langendal at mlangendal@hayround.org.

Please email Dr. Danica Lombardozzi 04′ with any other questions. Fun fact: this was her first job after graduating CC!

email: dll@ucar.edu
office: (303) 497-1777

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