How to Write a Networking Email That Gets a Response Every Time

Tired of sending networking emails that don’t get a response? Don’t fret. If you follow the below steps, you’ll be well on your way to networking email success.

1. Mind your subject line.

Subject lines matter. They’re the very first things your reader will see, and you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression. So send an email that has an effective subject line. Make sure to avoid general statements like “hello” and don’t ask for something in the subject line. Instead, come across as interesting and charming. Further, when crafting your subject line, keep the following questions in mind: If you read it, would you want to open the email? Does this sound like an interesting email to open? Is there a clever quote or phrase you can use?

2. Make sure your email is easy to read.

Some of the worst emails I’ve read are ones that take forever to get to the point. Clarity and time efficiency matter to people with busy lives and too little time to do everything they want. So make sure to begin your email this way: Introduce yourself. Identify your connection to the reader or purpose for contacting the reader. And clearly state the purpose of your email.

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