Making the Most of Your Summer Internship

Posted JUNE 14, 2019 on Jobipedia

Congrats on securing a summer internship! Besides the daily tasks that you’ll be completing to gain that real-world experience, what else should you be doing to make sure your skills and resume are padded when it comes time for job hunting? We have a few suggestions!

Get What You Need From Your Internship

At the end of your internship, you do not want to look back and think “Ugh… what a waste!” But as an intern, you may feel like you are just supposed to show up and do what you are told. Don’t forget that this is your education, your experience, and your future! While you shouldn’t neglect your duties or defy your supervisor, you could try negotiating with them to give you tasks that align with your future aspirations. READ MORE

Network! Then Network Again

Internships are great because they allow you to get hands-on job experience, learn more about the industry you are interested in, and help you to narrow down your choices for what career is best for you. And to top it off, they expand your network!  You’ve been told by every online search, career center, professor, and mentor that you need to be networking. Summer internships are a golden opportunity for that!  READ MORE
Be Willing to Embrace Change

Somewhat contrary to the first suggestion of asking for exactly what you want, you should also be willing to accept new tasks, new perspectives, and be willing to embrace change during your summer internship.  Sometimes, we get stuck in our ways and only want to do what is comfortable. Unfortunately, this means that we don’t have an opportunity to grow or challenge ourselves very often, if at all. Luckily for interns, there are usually a wide variety of professionals in charge that have been through the same thing, have worked their way up the ladder, and have managed many people. So when a supervisor asks you to do something new or different, you should be willing to accept the challenge and embrace the opportunity to learn something new. READ MORE

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